Windy City Skirt Tutorial

Windy City Skirt Edit

As promised, I’m posting the Windy City Skirt Tutorial. This was my first applique, so I may have missed something in the process, but it worked. (That’s all that matters anyway, right?)

What you’ll need:  Applique fabric,matching thread,  fusible interfacing, water soluble drawing tool (I use a pencil), fabric adhesive (I use Liquid Stitch)

1.  Make a sketch of your design. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just something to give you a general idea of proper spacing. I wanted something asymmetrical for my skirt design, but the sky’s the limit in your creativity.

2.  Once you have your design idea in mind, select the appropriate fabrics for the garment and the applique design. To be honest, I didn’t really take fabric weight into consideration when attempting this project, but I would definitely recommend selecting an applique fabric that is sturdy.With a quick project like this one with minimal fabric prep time, the less finicky the fabric (knits, silky, fine, etc) the easier and less time consuming the process.

3.  Sketch your design directly onto the applique fabric. I did this design freehand, but there are many beautiful stencils that you can use if you prefer. Also, I used a pencil (with an eraser). I drew very lightly on the fabric and just erased if I made a mistake. Any extra markings are either taken care of during cutting or after you wash your garment. 4.Preparing your applique fabric:

Once your drawing is complete, you’ll want to cut off any excess fabric from the top and side of your design (do not cut the design out just yet) and add fusible interfacing to the back.

5.  Once you’ve adhered the interfacing, cut out your design. 6. Position your pieces on your garment:

My design used 4 large separate pieces. The separate pieces made it easy to move around on the garment for proper placement.

7. Adhere your pieces directly to your fabric:

I pinned the fabric in place and then lifted the under side to apply the  fabric adhesive. Because the fabric that I used was heavy, I applied the glue directly from the tube, but if you are concerned about even distribution I’d recommend using a brush – especially if your fabric is thin.

Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, you may have to wait a bit before sewing. (I’m a bit impatient, so I didn’t wait!) I guess it depends on the fabric.

8.  Once your fabric has adhered, it’s time to stitch. Matching thread covers many mistakes, so I highly recommend it. Sew around the outer edge of your design using a satin or buttonhole stitch.

When you come to the end of a section back stitch a bit before moving on to another section.

And, that’s it! You now have your own designer original! Yea!!!

I took a lot of shortcuts, but if you’d like more information on applique, here’s a fantastic tutorial with lots of great instructions, and product suggestions.

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  1. Nikkie says :

    That is so cool

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