Shirred Shirts

I found a cute tutorial for shirred shirts here the other day. I’d already begun a shirring project which included straps, but I thought I’d try something different. I didn’t follow the original instructions which suggested cutting the arm holes before sewing the the final seams. I’d already closed my garment so instead of removing the seams, I just cut the arm holes afterward. The top has one seam down the back instead of one on each side, but it works and the girls are enjoying them. I also used a fleece instead of cotton.  The weather is starting to cool off here a bit, so these sleeveless creations can transition into the cooler weather with a light sweater or jacket (Click on the pic to see a larger version.) I’m submitting this shirt for Make It Wear It and the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.

Keep Sewing!


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3 responses to “Shirred Shirts”

  1. Zura says :

    Hi Calandra! Those are beautiful, love your fabric choice too 🙂

  2. Rachel says :

    they turned out great !

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